Thursday, July 22, 2010

My (almost 4-year-old) "BABY"

Last night while whispering in the dark with hubby, the reality of Malachi's growing up hit me.

And I cried.


It's more than just hormones. More than coming to grips with not having another child. More than a longing to hold onto his babyhood a little longer.

He knows his birthday is just around the proverbial corner, 3 months from tomorrow to be exact. One month from tomorrow he's going to go to the 4-year-old room at daycare to join his friends with birthdays earlier in the year who have gone on before him. They have different toys and only 2 teachers. Maybe he'll even start leaving Doggy home.

And a few days after that he'll be graduating highschool and moving out with his friends.

And the week after that he'll be dropping by after his honeymoon and telling us how he and his new bride are planning to start a family.

Then he'll discuss nursing home options for his father and me.

STOP!!! Stop the world I want to get off!!!

So the basis for my tears last night, I've concluded is that everyday Malachi needs me a little less than he did the day before.

Since he's completely spoiled and babied by me and my mother, he's only just recently taken an interest in dressing himself. Now he only wants to dress himself AND pick out his own clothes. He'll ask if he needs a sweater and have an opinion on which one to wear. He'll put on his own sneakers too...and usually on the right feet.

He's too busy to eat. There's too much to do! Go outside, play in his room, watch Treehouse or a movie. "Can we go to Brookie/Madison/Nathan's house?" is a common question. And he's growing like a weed. I can barely pick him up anymore.

He still sleeps with a nightlight but says he needs the humidifier too since Dr. Elli told him to use one. Well, since Dr. Elli told him it must be necessary!

Yes, he's quite the little man. And at this rate, in a few months he'll be looking at nursing home options for himself! *sniff*