Friday, August 27, 2010

Lunch with Hubby

Every couple from time to time deserve a break. Ours today was a quick lunch at a "family" restaurant without Malachi. A mid-day date. Rarity indeed. Neither of us could quite remember the last time we did it. It was quite reminicent of the "good" old days pre-Malachi.

Don't get me wrong. We both love Malachi unconditionally and without regret. He is the common centre of our universe. But it was fun to sit across at each other and hold hands like teenagers and not have to keep reminding someone to eat/sit down/don't bother other people. On most occassions, dining out with little Mister is a dream compared to how I've seen other people's kids behave in public. However, considering I only have an hour to drive, be seated, order, wait, eat, pay the bill and drive back to work...3 year olds don't quite understand just how short 60 minutes are.

So we sat, ordered, waited, ate and paid the bill and chatted like 2 adults should and the hour flew by. Since we can't remember when we were able to do it last, I thought I should commemorate it with a post so next time we'll remember.

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