Friday, April 9, 2010

Everyday I'm more in love!

So many times in my life I've tried starting new habits, new methods of doing things, new ways to organize my life. I actually created my gmail account originally to use the calendar feature to keep track of my ever-increasingly busy life (on occasion) but it still hasn't become habit. (Fact is, just yesterday I considered calling my co-worker from home to check my desk calendar for the time of an appointment. In the end I convinced myself that it was at 4:00 and went with that. Thankfully I was right.)

In any case, back to the title of my blog. At first glance, anyone would think I'm refering to my wonderful hubby, although the same is true of him. However, today I'm reflecting on my relationship with my wonderful, challenging, beautiful child, Malachi. As my Blogger title suggests, I am Mad About Malachi! Just a couple of hours ago, I was walking about the massive building where I work and outside the window, like a little train of people, was his daycare class out for their morning walk to the mailroom. I saw the cluster of little people in their hats and coats (chilly wind today) and was immediately drawn to the tossled blue hat of his, glad his teachers overruled his plea to wear his new baseball hat (I'm sure he asked them, because I know how much he wanted to wear it today...and I let him) and his new-to-him "airplane" bomber jacket. I felt a little bit like I did in highschool, catching that unexpected glimpse of my crush and my heart did a flutter. How much do I love my child? Words cannot even begin to translate my affection. He turned around and seemingly looked straight at me, but I was behind tinted glass and the sun was in his eyes (where are his sunglasses?). I wanted to run out the door that was close by and scoop him up in my arms for a mid-morning snuggle and kiss, but part of being a good mommy, I've learned, is to respect my child's routine. As much as he would have loved to see me, it would have thrown off his day and he'd expect me to go with me since he never sees me until it's time to go home. There would be tears (mine and his) and whining (mostly his) or *gasp* he would just say "see you later mommy" and I would go about my day wondering if my 3 year old needs me anymore. Because another part of being a good mommy is expecting the unexpected. My child has taught me many many many life lessons - the majority of which aren't in any parenting books, website or magazines. Parenting is like an on the job placement that never ends: 1) you don't get paid 2) you get all the crappiest assignments 3) you really have no experience no matter how much you studied in "school" 4) you love each and every day because you're finally in your chosen field 5) your "boss" is the coolest person on the planet!

For my "boss" the coolest, funnest, bestest friend, I'm so unbelievably blessed God chose me to be your mommy!

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