Friday, April 16, 2010


I love Fridays! Almost as much as sleep-in Saturdays. No matter how late I stay up on Thursday (since I'm a night-owl and can always convince myself I "won't" be tired in the morning...which I always am) I can get up on Friday morning without (much of) a problem. This morning I was up early enough I even had a few minutes to work my "farm" and, my favourite early morning thing, snuggle with my boy. This early morning ritual is usually rushed or skipped due to the time (my boy isn't much of a morning person either) so the rare chance is precious indeed.

This weekend we have NO PLANS! How awesome is that? Three whole days with no special event to rush to get ready for (church on Sunday but that's part of the norm). One of the perks of being a civil servant is extra random holidays throughout the year. Monday apparently is St. George's Day. I have no idea who St. George was but thanks Buddy for the day off! :)

No plans! That is, unless I've forgotten something (like Malachi's classmate's birthday party last weekend...oops! Good thing I forgot to RSVP as well). My sister and her family are out of town so I know I don't have plans with them. Our church plans for tonight are cancelled (again). Hubby is out of town until at least tomorrow. Supper with friends today and then it's Malachi & Mommy Time!

How sweet it is!

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