Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some of the other things I'm "Mad" about

My hubby! As a very good friend reminded me not too long ago after my confession of a less than perfect marriage *gasp* I do love the doofus...madly and completely. He completes me, as cliche as that sounds. I cannot imagine my life without him. Our life together has been hectic and crazy and we never know where his next dollar is going to come from but he has inspired me to become more ambitious and confident than I ever thought possible (and I still have a ways to go). He has a stick-to-it-iveness that is second to no one's.

Music! I used to listen to the Top 40 and write them down as they were played. Write them down! Not hard to tell this was years before the internet and knowledge of everything good and evil. Now I'm not so much of a Top 40 fan and my taste in music has changed quite a bit. I appreciate the theory of music so much more. I listen to more than the words of a song but their arrangements and choices of instruments, and criticize same. Yes, I am very much a music snob.

Right to opinion! And if my opinion is justly strong enough on a topic, I will share it with anyone who will listen. Thankfully with age my Editing skills are tuned more than when I was younger. Edit keeps me out of a lot of trouble. =)

Purses! My achilles heel. No matter how little money I have, I can always find an excuse to find the perfect purse to carry my few sheckles.

I love Lists! I am an official List junkie! So much so that I think List ought to start with a capital L. (I'm also a nerd.) To Do Lists, Shopping Lists, Top 10 Lists, and the "List" goes on and on (pun intended).

So back to the thing I'm not so Mad about: my current job. The news of the day is, however, that my old job is almost mine again! Yippee! I can barely wait for the official word before telling my manager that he's a rude snobbish pig of a man (yeah right, like I'll ever be that bold) and be free of my supervisor's dry loooooooooooooong stories about his house renos. Really? Do I look like I care? Anyway, I'll be so happy the day I get to say my official goodbye to this office.

As always, I'm totally Mad about my baby, I mean, BIG boy. In 10 days he will officially be 3 and a HALF!

46 sleeps until our Vancouver Vacation!

Now back to work...ug!

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