Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scripture of the Day - September 23, 2012

Romans 2:4  ... the goodness of God leads you to repentance?

Paul is warning the church in Rome about God's judgement on sin. People tend to think they are going to get away with sin. They think that because they are not suffering right now, because they are not being struck down now that God is slack with His judgement of sin. Somewhere in their minds they think God won't really judge them, they think when they get to the Pearly Gates that God will just usher them right into heaven in spite of the sin in their lives. They are deathly wrong! There is NO sin entering heaven and that's that! 
But don't you know that God is so patient with us and His goodness leads us to repentance? Yes, His goodness leads us to turn from sin. God has granted ALL OF US the gift of repentance unto life because He is not willing that ANYONE AT ALL should perish! He wants ALL of us to come to repentance, to come to heaven. Reminds me of a song we sing...Ain't God good, to give us so many blessings, undeserving that's what we are, we ought to thank Him, love and praise Him, a little more today and a whole lot more tomorrow!

~Mary Hynes~

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Today's Scripture reading - Song of Solomon 1 & 2, Revelation 22
Tomorrow's Scripture reading - Song of Solomon 3 & 4, Psalm 126

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